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Pinball machines have always had a special place in the heart of Rock Fantasy’s owner Stephen Keeler. In his formative years he would spend countless hours in the arcades on the boardwalks of the Jersey Shore and Lake George NY on his family’s summer vacations. Pinballs have always been apart of Rock Fantasy since opening up in the 1980’s. It all started when a KISS  pinball was purchased to accentuate the store, then several more were added  over the years. At one time more than 20 games were on display. Currently 9 vintage pinball tables are on display in the store for sale, and the store is the home of the Orange County Pinball Club. The OCPC is a group that was formed in the 1990’s.The group holds tournaments through the the year in various game rooms in the surrounding area and attends pinball festivals in the North East.

Game lineup as of June 2017:

Ghostbusters Premium, Batman 66, Aerosmith PRO, Stern Spiderman, The Walking Dead Premium, Metallica LE, ACDC LE, KISS Pro, Theatre of Magic, Game Of Thrones Premium, Monster Bash, Addams Family, Creature from the Black Lagoon, Cirqus Voltaire, Rob Zombie’s Spookshow International, Medieval Madness Remake, Tales of the Arabian Knights, Star Trek Stern Pro, Funhouse, Fireball Classic, Pinbot, Transformers LE, World Cup Soccer 94, Rolling Stones Stern, Rolling Stones Bally, Avengers LE, Bride of Pinbot, Kiss Bally, Cheetah, Star Trek the Next Generation, Cyclone.






Rock Fantasy fights SCCC cancer. Rock Fantasy located in Middletown NY Owned and operated by Stephen Keeler is a mecca of Rock Albums, CDs and memorabilia not to mention it has one of the finest lineups of Pinball machines on location in NY state. Not only that but Rock Fantasy seems to bring out real life Heroes. While attending the Rock Fantasy Stern Army IFPA Tournament Dahlia was presented with a check by Steve Keeler from 1 full months take on his KISS Pinball machine to help with her battle with SMCCC Cancer. On top of that Anthony Lambos who entered his first pinball tournament and won, Congrats, not only played the Kiss machine often during the prior month just because he knew it would be for a charitable cause stepped up to meet Dahlia and then reached into his wallet and donated more! Like I said Rock Fantasy is a special place for more than Rock and Pinball it also is a place of Real Heroes with huge hearts. Thanks you so very much Stephen Keeler and Anthony Lambos.

Anthony Delgado just donated 2,100.00 from his sale of the Williams Pinbot that was purchased by Linda Keeler and Stephen Keeler and will be on display at Rock Fantasy . and we are also donating all of the proceeds from our Kiss Stern pinball for the months of March and April and the coin drop from Pinbot . stay strong Eddie Cramer & Dahlia Rowan ! F**K CANCER!!










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